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How to Maximize Return on Video Advertising

Do you still think traditional advertising is the most valuable tool in your marketing arsenal? Does video scare you because you think it will cost you a fortune to place video advertising?

In your business, you really don’t care what others are doing – until they start to erode your market share. Most of the time, you’re running your business, and you probably spend little time thinking about what your competitors might be doing to grow their business.

We’ve been providing services to companies, as close as your neighborhood and around the world, for 15 years – when people thought the Internet was a passing fad.

We’ve been in the business long enough to confidently assert our expertise, and we’re here to tell you that if you’re not considering adding video marketing to your strategy to grow – or simply maintain your business – now, you’ll be the one trying to strategize ways to gain your business back sooner than you think.

posted on Jul 5th 2011

How to Target Social Media With Online Video

Are you trying to figure out how to get the most from your social media efforts? Adding an impactful online video with a compelling message and powerful call to action is a sure way to pump up your presence, drive brand awareness, and grow sales leads and sales.

Unprecedented Internet speed and access brings YouTube and online videos into everyone’s daily routine – whether to learn how to prepare a new recipe, start a new business or watch a made-for-Internet soap opera. Everyone’s familiar with YouTube, and Facebook has become a household term that equates to strengthening and growing relationships. more

posted on Jun 8th 2011

How to Choose the Best Video Production Company

Whether you embrace video as a valuable marketing tool or not, you probably understand video is not a passing fad.

Video is entertaining, engaging and educational, and for businesses that do it right, video opens new markets and reaches new audiences of potential buyers of products and services.

The key to success with your video production relies on choosing the best video production company to craft your presentation.
Serious professionals who know their talent can focus in on the most targeted message delivery, ensuring that your message is clearly received by your viewership.

There’s a distinct difference between a good video production and an exceptional, memorable video production. more

posted on May 6th 2011

Elements Of A Video Production Plan

Although planning a video to highlight your business might seem daunting, once you learn the basic elements you need to consider in your plan, you’ll find it’s much easier to accomplish. As with any project, doing the upfront work right means fewer hitches will be experienced – and fewer headaches.

There are four phases of production, each one with its own requirements and equipment needs. How complex or how simple your video is may dictate what changes in those needs. more

posted on Apr 1st 2011

Mobile Mix: Adding Mobile-friendly Video To Maximize Business Opportunities

Do you believe Google when it reports 15% of all Google searches are now done on mobile devices?

This is consistent with what Hubspot has shared: 80% of business people browse the web and check e-mail from their mobile devices.

Do you? If you’re like so many professionals and business owners, you can’t imagine a time when you couldn’t catch a call while on the road or read a text message while waiting in line. more

posted on Mar 1st 2011

Why You Should Add Video To Your Social Media Marketing Plan

If you’ve been waiting to get started with social media (because you think it’s a fad like the Internet and will go away), you’re missing the boat on critical sales and opportunities to maintain and grow relationships with customers.

If you’re waiting to add video to your channels, it won’t be long before you discover that you’ll be the only one waiting on the sidelines while the rest of the world is joining the play, honing their skills for a successful connection with customers. more

posted on Feb 4th 2011

How Testimonial Videos Can Convert Spectators Into Buyers

Establishing trust in you and your capability to deliver what customers expect is the #1 challenge in any business. When you can get others to talk about what you’ve done for them and share that with potential clients, people form an almost instantaneous positive impression and are more inclined to trust you to meet their needs; you overcome doubts in a potential customer’s mind.

You can talk all you want about what you can do and no one will believe it, but when people share what is considered an independent opinion, others are automatically drawn in and believe you can. more

posted on Jan 2nd 2011